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Default Time For A Special Prosecutor

What are we, six weeks into the Trump Administration and there needs to be a special prosecutor appointed. This is something that shouldn't be done lightly but in this case, we need a pit bull to go after the Obama Administration and the democrats. We need a prosecutor to dig into what did Obama and company know and when did they know it because it appears they have done Watergate 2.0. It appears Obama used the US intelligence to one the Trump campaign and probably others during the primaries and are now using that information to control the narrative.

Notice, it's Friday, three days after Trump's address to congress. What is all over the news? Jeff Sessions It's clear the democrats have their war chest loaded and ready to keep Trump on the defensive. Time to go nuclear and go after Obama. What they have done is huge and they should go to jail over it.

Btw, how many knew Valarie Jarret moved in with Obama in DC to command this war on the Trump administration? They can't take this lightly. Time to go big is now.
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