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Originally Posted by Jenks View Post
I don't think the liberals want illegals voting either. I think their concern is that safeguards against illegals voting such as a photo ID will keep a lot of legal voters from voting.
B.S B.S B.S.

How in the Sam Hill would an ID keep anyone from voting. Virtually every state if not every state will issue a free ID card for the purpose of voting. Plus you can't even set foot in any federal building without showing an ID card of some sort. Try buying a gun without an ID. You can't even get a library card without an ID card. I'm pretty sure you have to have some form of ID to get welfare or public assistance as well. Saying people can't get an ID card is beyond idiocy! Plus they have a couple of years to get one. It isn't like major elections just sneak up on people. They are pretty weel advertised and scheduled.
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