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Originally Posted by Jenks View Post
I don't think the liberals want illegals voting either. I think their concern is that safeguards against illegals voting such as a photo ID will keep a lot of legal voters from voting. I consider myself liberal but I do not agree with this concept. I think if someone does not want to make the effort to obtain a photo ID then they have made the decision not to vote. There is other concerns that need to be addressed too, such as voting in more then one state or precinct, voting in place of someone else(sometimes for dead folks), etc. Our election process should be protected from those that would abuse it.

You impute good intention to the liberals in this circumstance. I consider that hogwash. There is only one reason for fighting this provision, and that is maximize the numbers of liberal votes. Said in other words, their motivation is not altruistic but instead self-serving. They calculate on net that these low competence and/or illegal voters are much more likely to vote for their liberal or Democrat candidates than for conservative or Republican candidates. Self-serving.
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