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New Brunswick is a beautiful province and we have tons of land base which provides excellent habitat for wildlife. If you called us looking for references, who would you want to speak to? Being the guy in on the business,we are yet to have reviews, etc. We have had years of previous clients through another outfitting business and have choose not to carry those hunters over to keep
the peace. As far as personal references, anyone we know would attest to the hard work and dedication that we will put ini this venture.
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Good luck, New Brunswick is an incredible place to hunt. One thing you might want to address is how someone wanting to hunt with you can check reference's if you're a new outfitter. I know I personally like new places cause they're eager and looking to build. I have hunted with new places a bunch of times and had great hunts. You might want to address this point... just a thought either way good luck sir
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