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Originally Posted by JW View Post
I have run 9 moultries 24/7 now for 6 yrs with no problems.

I have run a few moltrie's for a few yrs too,(solar panels from them are great will give them plus's here)
BUT they miss a TON of things and I proved this by placing a BETTER cam on same tree and got almost 150% more pictures!(tried this a few times with other brand cam's)
also seen many times in snow, tracks past Moltrie cam 's and NO pic of what left them>

so by this I still say there NOT that great a cam, as if there missing things, defeating the purpose of what I want a cam for, thus why I say I don't have great luck with them
also had a few have short lives and die, or stop working at random, work fine then stop then work or run away taking a thousand pic's in a row and then work OK ish again!
Just not my pick on a trail cam because of these reasons!

many things in life work this way

you DON"T know what a better ITEM is till you own one, and then first hand see the difference!
then that GOOD thing you thought you HAD< can easy turn into a MUCH lesser item for you!
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