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Nontypical Buck
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I thin ALL cheaper made trail cam's are HIT and MISS
some work flawless some are problem plagued JUNK
Have many times bough 3-4 of same cam and had 2 work great , outstanding to be honest and the other two, garbage
when you get into higher end cam's
reconix/Buckeye cam and such, they all seem to have higher QC
so, what one guy likes another might not
me ALL my Moultrie SUCK, there super slow to wake up, miss more things then they capture
just using that as example, NOT bashing anyone liking them, I just have had BAD ONE"S I think,(6 so far)

I have way better luck with Cuddyback's even have some from the 90's that still work(were NON typical back then)
but also know a bunch of folks that have issue's with them too?

SO< pick of the litter I think on lower end cams?
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