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That is why it is always nice to know someone with a good dog. My last blood tracker could follow a pin prick drop every 20 feet, at almost a dead run if you'd let him. Most dogs with any sort of hunting drive go kind of nuts with Deer blood.

Maybe it was asked, but what weight and bullet type were you using?

I've had Core Loc make a hole in and a hole out and never seemed to expand any. Left very little blood.

The trend recently seems to be light fast bullets, I never have figured out the reasoning besides a flat trajectory. A flat trajectory doesn't really count for much under two yards with many calibers.

I've shot many Hogs that stopped bleeding fast, Finding them in a ripe Wheat field can be a chore. I started using Silver Tips, tears up some meat but IMO almost guaranteed to bleed.

It has been mentioned in other threads, when a Deer bolts after being shot, it is often better to wait awhile before charging out to find your Deer. They will often lay down within fifty yards to die or at least go no farther than the next cover. If they are wounded and hear you coming they will take off again.

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