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Cool Deer Shot no blood trail

I have been shooting deer for some time now. My question is tonight I took a nice buck at short distance broadside right before dusk. I believe that it was a lethal shot. We did not find any blood trail. My husband thinks I missed because we could not find any blood after dark with our flashlights. However the deer seem to slump and appeared it want to drop, then stood almost upright and started to slump and went into the woods and heard a some crashing around. We are going out in the morning again to continue hunt since it was too dark to really search. We did not find any hair at the site of the shot either. I shot a big buck a few years ago with "no" blood trail at all and found the deer not to far in the woods. It turned out this shot was a liver shot. What are your thoughts of no blood or hair and missed shot vs lethal shot. I am pretty sure it was lethal.... this was nice buck!
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