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In Vermont we have no choice. Last weekend we were blessed with a Sunday with morning temperatures from 30 to 40. 25-33 in the mountain where I hunt. Saturday was about 22 for the whole morning. This week got really warm (50's) but haven't had a chance to go out; next week we are expecting temperatures below freezing and a snowstorm.

Nothing like a good pair of gloves for the cold days. For days with temps around the 40's, no gloves necessary. I am a total noob at deer hunting, but from winter sports experience, a good pair of gloves will keep your hands warm no matter what.

I know shooting with big gloves can be a pain. So liner style gloves and hand warmers in the pockets is a great idea. Those rechargeable gloves are super bulky, and trust me with that amount of money you can buy some really nice leather and gore-tex gloves. Gloves that would keep your hands warm at temps below -20.

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