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Originally Posted by GOOD OLE BOY View Post
Agreed Barnes 100% about all sportsman stickin together and not bein divided.But the primitive season shouldn,t allow inlines just because they load at the muzzle.
With all due respect, how can you agree 100% when after the first sentence, the first word in the next sentence is, "But" ? In cases where people use that phrase, what they really mean is that they still support their own opinion more.

Its WAY past time we get rid of the "Great Divide" among muzzleloader shooters and hunters. We can each use the "muzzleloader" of our choice, while not affecting a single other muzzleloader hunter. What affect would it have on a traditionalist, if a modern in-line hunter was hunting a mile away???

These completely outdated laws and restrictions do nothing for either party, or the overall sport of muzzleloading. It actually hurts some parts of the muzzleloading community. IMO it amounts to nothing more than greed by ones who want things his/her way only.

You know what's really funny? The traditionalists just hate the in-line shooters, yet the in-line shooters are always interested in traditional rifle shooting. It boggles my mind!

This same childish crap started with the bow hunters, where everyone shooting a long bow or recurve, went completely on the "war path" over compounds hitting the scene. However I will give the credit to the traditional bow hunters, they eliminated their prejudices rather quickly and went on hunting with what they felt they wanted to hunt with. A little of the same started when some states legalized the use of crossbows. Those prejudices ended quickly, with more and more crossbow shooters. In the archery world, the traditionalist, compound and crossbow shooters/hunters have learned that, none of the other methods affect how they hunt. However.... I can't say the same for the traditional muzzleloader shooters, sadly. Just like all the archers can share the woods with one another, so should the traditionalist and in-line shooters.

Hard headedness drives a wedge between the two shooter groups. It also feeds the anti-hunters and anti-gun nuts. Those groups search this stuff and WILL use it against us. It may only be one small contributing factor, yet when you add all the contributing factors together, it supplies the anti's with more "ammunition".

Think about it...... if someone deems that black powder is to easily attainable, and to easy to make an explosive device, I'll bet that at that time, the traditionalists will be wanting the in-line shooters support.

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