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Originally Posted by GOOD OLE BOY View Post
It,s just a matter of time when other changes will be have to be made.Like these 300 yd inlines and 200 yd rifled deer shot guns.I can,t see them allowin those in s/gun /inline only hunting weapons allowed areas much longer in populated areas currently off limits to centerfires.
Shooters will always find a way to shoot longer range, and there's some pretty good long range round ball shooters now. Its also not much of a problem reaching 200yds with a smooth bore and shotgun slug. Still, more and more states are now starting to allow certain centerfire cartridges. Seems the straight wall, 1.6" to 1.8" centerfires are easily 300yd rifles, now approved by many populated states.

However........ all the bickering between traditionalists and modern in-line hunters, falls directly into the hands of the anti-gun folks.
If you support the 2nd Amendment, then support ALL shooters and hunters. Regardless of side hammer, in-line, pistol, or AR firearms.
You have nothing to lose by supporting these other styles of hunting, but everything to lose being divided.

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