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I personally prefer either big and slow or maybe an inbetween like a 7mm.08. Less meat damage and honestly, Elk, Moose aren't armor plated. I've killed a lot of both with just plain old cup and core bullets from 30-06, 30-30, .270, 7mm-08 >(elk not moose, I'm just partly nuts not crazy) and only had one or 2 bullet failures from any of those. And still got the animal. Just had to put a quick followup in. But my favorite part of hunting is getting close. My own personal opinion is, if you can't get closer than 250-300 yards, you shouldn't be hunting. Of course "speed goats" don't count on that statement as them buggers got 8x eyes! And maybe The big mountain goats and sheep because of terrain. Other than those, there is really no excuse other than lack of skill or simple laziness or just wanting to shoot long range as a choice.
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