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Default A couple of basic questions.

Hi, this is my first post here in the tech forum, but I've read a bunch of great stuff.
I received a dozen Blackhawk Vapor CA 4000 arrows for Christmas. I shoot a Buck saber single cam at 62lbs with 26.5" shafts. With 100gr heads, what kind of speed am I looking at here? KE? Would I be better off with 125gr heads? Are these arrows spined correctly for my setup?
Any comments or suggestions are appreciated, I've always been a fingers and heavy aluminum guy, so I'm a little behind on the tech side. This is my first setup with a release and prong rest, before, I shot 28.5" 2315's. With sight in only one eye, I'm trying for a flatter shooting setup for my pendulum, as judging distance is impossible for me past a few yards.
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