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Originally Posted by jayatnight View Post
I have a hard time with just waiting I like to be actively calling or something.. I have found a few dens... and I do day scout not as much as when I started.. I pretty much know my sets.. and honey holes...

I just bought a 55 gal drum of some bait(isnt sold as coyote bait)... It something different and is working amazingly, I dont wanna give away my secret lol...

its the simplest thing but most would never guess it..
At my age, just sitting is the better alternative. Walking miles over broken ground is something I do with trepidation, old joints hurt. My days of running with the hounds are over with.

Kentucky fried Chicken is always a good bait. I sometimes raid the dumpster behind KFC and load up 20 pounds of Chicken bones. Put them in a few plastic buckets and hang them in some trees or bushes, wait and see what shows up. I learned that chasing Hog poachers, that is what they do. Check your laws, don't get caught baiting if it is illegal, not worth the possible trouble.
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