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Originally Posted by alleyyooper View Post
308 is a fine deer cartridge and other larger game except maybe the largest bears.
I would search the used rifle market many 308's out there in some very fine rifles, Winchester model 70's Remington 700's and Ruger 77's, CZ 550, Howa 1500 to name a few. many have a decent scope mounted so the price is about the same as the cheap new models on the market today.

I'm with the Yooper I've had a Model 70 and a 700, both were as accurate as any of my wiz bang, high end exotic rifles. Maybe I was just lucky and they weren't representative of all the rifles of those types, but I was impressed with their accuracy. A descent used one in .308 or 30 06 shouldn't be to hard to find.

I have two model 70's, one pre 64 and one a 1980, both tack drivers that never gave me a lick of trouble.

IMO good glass is as important as a good rifle, maybe more so.
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