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Default Eastern Coyotes vs Western Coyotes

Does anyone feel like these are almost complete different beast.. I watch utube clip of out west and you see dogs running in full speed(maybe its just the fact of vantage point for better videos??)..and I am sure wind is much more of a factor in the west...(Also not saying coyote hunting out west is easier by any means..)

Here in North Georgia yes you do get that rarely for me anyways.. but I feel they usually come right to the edge and just sit and wait.. then either come 5 yrd closer then sit again or just try to run thru the woods to wind you or just leave.. unless you day scout for their trails across fields but they usually run hedge rolls and what not here.. Just what I have experienced so far.. I feel like bait piles in the future for me... to maybe try to get them farther out in the fields..

Not saying by any means I am 100% correct... would just like to hear others opinion on this topic....

maybe The land can't support nearly as dense a population as what you have back east. Whereas in KY/IN/OH/GA you can easily support 1 cow per acre, here it is more like 30 to 100 acres per cow. That kind of pressure on the ecosystem is why you see predators running to a distress animal call here, they are hungry, and the food sources are widely scattered. Another reason they run in, they are trying to beat the competition to that meal.
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