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Default Is 3D target archery losing its foothold

Over the last ten and twenty years has 3D archery lose its foothold. How's your area.
It seems to be down, probably moreso in bigger city areas. Notice the 3D events kept moving further out of town in the last ten and twenty years.
Is it getting too hard to find land for 3D in your area? Are the replacement of large 3D figures getting too expensive to replace? Is it too hard to keep the targets protected, if kept on the 3D range ?

Glad I shot 3D events years ago for the accuracy. The last 3D shoot in the county closed over ten years ago. Glad when I purchased my last bow, I first acquired a nearby private place to shoot. That proved more valuable than the bow and accessories. Glad I made homemade targets, and made them light enough to carry them into and out of my range. I was ahead of the no shoot archery in my area.

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