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Originally Posted by Brandon_SPC
This coming up year I am buying a muzzleloader to extend my hunting season and to also try an elk hunt in Colorado. A scope is not needed for where I generally hunt so I would like to stay with open sights. I want it to be able to shoot accurate with conicals (within reason I know there is load working I have to do and of course the shooter too) for hunting in Colorado. Of course in Florida I can use what ever bullet so that isn't a worry. I have seen concials like Thor and some pure lead also have seen some powerbelts and Federals new borloc bullets. Anyways:

What would y'all recommend?
What bullet, weight, primer, and charge do you prefer?
Any tricks with a blackpowder rifle from hunting in humid Florida (live now) weather to spending 10 days in the backcountry of Colorado (be moving to CO once my degree is finished)?
I have read some threads where TCs don't shoot concials very well. Is that true?
I have no preference in one manufacturer over another I just want a reliable, decently accurate, muzzleloader and price range maybe up to $600 but would like to stay in the $300-$500.

I appreciate it, just new to black powder, meaning I have shot some muzzleloaders and know the loading process but have never spent time to own a decent one or put any range time in a muzzleloader. So if y'all want to give me all the advice you are willing to give I am all ears. Thanks in advance.
I am prejudice towards this rifle. So take that into consideration. Although a lot of the rifle recommendations you get are also a little prejudice. The rifle is made by White Rifle Company. I like the model 97 White tail hunter and the Ultra Mag. The reason I favor this rifle is for a couple reasons.

#1 it is legal in any State in the Union. For instance, if you hunt in I believe its Oregon and Idaho during their muzzle loader season, they insist on an open ignition system. Since this is an open hammer striker rifle it is old technology but sometimes the old rifles have a lot to offer.

#2 it is the finest conical shooting rifle, bar none. It will shoot heavy conical bullets with extreme accuracy. And we are all aware of the devastating knock down power the large conicals produce. Yet, as owners have proved, it will shoot sabots equally well. Also when you see the rifle, its built like a tank and will last for many many years of dependable hunting.

#3 If I were hunting elk I would shoot 80 to 100 grains of 777 powder and a 469 or 495 grain pure lead conical. Granted this will have some recoil, but the down range devastation will suit the hunt just fine.

#4 T/C conical shooting is a hit and miss. I have a T/C that shoots conicals very well. Yet others have said that their rifles do not shooting conicals very well.

#5 you can find a used White Rifle in excellent condition for around $300-400. The reason the rifles are normally in good condition is because they are treasured by their owners and cared for very well.
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