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Default Help deciding a muzzleloader

This coming up year I am buying a muzzleloader to extend my hunting season and to also try an elk hunt in Colorado. A scope is not needed for where I generally hunt so I would like to stay with open sights. I want it to be able to shoot accurate with conicals (within reason I know there is load working I have to do and of course the shooter too) for hunting in Colorado. Of course in Florida I can use what ever bullet so that isn't a worry. I have seen concials like Thor and some pure lead also have seen some powerbelts and Federals new borloc bullets. Anyways:

What would y'all recommend?
What bullet, weight, primer, and charge do you prefer?
Any tricks with a blackpowder rifle from hunting in humid Florida (live now) weather to spending 10 days in the backcountry of Colorado (be moving to CO once my degree is finished)?
I have read some threads where TCs don't shoot concials very well. Is that true?
I have no preference in one manufacturer over another I just want a reliable, decently accurate, muzzleloader and price range maybe up to $600 but would like to stay in the $300-$500.

I appreciate it, just new to black powder, meaning I have shot some muzzleloaders and know the loading process but have never spent time to own a decent one or put any range time in a muzzleloader. So if y'all want to give me all the advice you are willing to give I am all ears. Thanks in advance.

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