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Originally Posted by smitty0538 View Post
I believe most guides and outfitters also do other things during the year to make money. I know the guides have to and agree there not paid all the money. But I do not believe this is something they should try and make a years salary in a few months, and based on some of those hunt cost out there that is what there trying to do. Its a sad truth but hunting big game has become a rich mans sport. The fees each state charges for permits and licences is also nuts.
I guess I would have to argue that it's not up to you what you think they should or shouldn't be doing the rest of the year to try and make a living. Would you tell a guy that is a roofer what he should or shouldn't do the rest of the year when the weather doesn't allow him to make a living? You must not have any idea what all it takes to be an outfitter. I'll tell you a few of their costs that they have to get back in just a few months of work. They are: liability insurance, fess paid to the BLM or USFS if they outfit on public land, lease fees if they outfit on private land, advertising, maintaining a stable full of horses or mules year around or paying a goodly fee if they rent stock, tack maintenance or rental costs, vehicle costs and upkeep, tents and the other camp gear that wears out through regular use, etc. Those are just a few of the things I can think of right off the top of my head. That is the reason that guided hunts cost what they do and, yes, it is getting to be a rich man's sport if you would try to go on a guided hunt every year. I have only been on two guided mule deer hunts in my life and probably won't be taking any more, but not because of the cost involved. It's more that a DIY hunt is what I prefer if at all possible and that's what I do every year in Wyoming every Fall. I can go out there with my trailer for a couple months and probably not spend more that $2K with a lot of that being for fuel.
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