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The X7 is a wonderful hunting rifle. Many deer, and one coyote have fallen to mine. It is the only rifle i use during the muzzle loader season. Yes, i like the way it feels, and i like the way it looks, and i like how it shoots. It is wonderful to carry. To me, the action is what a muzzle loader action, should be. When available, i started shooting Blackhorn in the X7, i had no idea there were ignition issues with the powder, because it shot as well as any powder. The 'learning curve' for shooting Blackhorn, didn't apply to me, and my rifle. Holding the X7 makes me happy.

Eben' breech loading falling block is just as nice to carry as the X7. It is like a 'refined' X7. To me, it seems like it could be easily converted to a muzzle loader, and would be a great one. The trigger, one doesn't so much pull, but just place some pressure on, when the sight looks right, and there is no over travel. Lock time seems like a jillionth of a second. This rifle has a match barrel, and accuracy is so very very good. Shooting this rifle, what with the trigger, feel, and accuracy, is 'thrilling'.
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