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Originally Posted by Grouse45 View Post
What don't you like about the Triumph? I've owned a bunch of them. The speed breech always worked as expected. I don't think I had any problems with the finish. I did have some delays with BH209 but I don't think that would happen with mag primers. I really like the Triumph compared to break opens. I don't classify the Omega as a break open but I know most probably do.
I do not like a two piece stock and or a hinge in any rifle... For me everything about the Omega was better than the Triumph. Now today if the Omega were modernized it would even be that much better. So when I say an Omega - I mean an Omega of today not an Omega of OLD - but even they are not that bad.... They must be strong enough and accurate enough - BESTILL uses the Omega for his smokeless re-builds versus the Triumph. The drop action is a lot less prone to mechanical failure or wear out. Like they say the Omega was just a better rifle and I mean that literally it was a rifle.

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