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Sabot, the only problem I have ever had out of my TC PH is the fact of having to run fairly hot loads for it to group worth a dang. Of course that was after I accurized it with Mikes deal. It shot "okay" right off the rack but once I did that kit on it she woke up and got all happy n stuff I consider 1 ragged 5 shot hole at 100 yards pretty sporty myself You saw the results at 150 on that cold clean bore test I did a while back.

I didn't get that for ease of cleaning since I don't consider cleaning anything difficult on anything really. I got it for ease of loading. These meat hooks of mine that people call hands make loading up other various kinds of actions difficult at best, dang near impossible with some. I wanted to stay away from anything I would have to use a priming tool with since it would be just my luck to leave that tool on the bench when I needed it most.
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