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Default Dang it -

Long time ago I met a gentlemen here on this website who needed a bit of help posting a picture. He was a turkey hunter and a darn good one. Soft spoken, didn't say much. Tried to help his fellow man, even offered hunts to veterans out of his meager home.

Because I helped him post a few simple pictures we ended up being friends and turkey hunting partners on quite a few of the contests here. Dane knew how to hunt turkeys.

I tried to call my friend tonight only to find his number was disconnected. Not a good sign. Then my e-mail bounced back. Which forced me to check the obituary listings in the small city in Georgia.

My buddy dog1 had passed away. I miss him deeply. Turkey contests here will not be the same for me.

See you in the next life bud! Don't be sipping all that Canadian mist. I'll be there soon enough.

And right there is the main reason I fight so hard to try to help HNI keep going. Try to help people anyway I can.
It is people like Dane C Bruce! A true gem of a man.

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