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Default Good Ct. 10 point bowkill

Been keeping tabs on this buck since Sept. It would show up sporadically between then, through October. Activity picked up in November but the majority of pictures would always be well past daylight; with only one trail camera picture of it in daylight during that month. As December rolled around, the buck started showing more frequently, but still with only the occasional daytime pictures. As late December came on, the buck started showing up on camera every day. Daylight appearances were also more frequent. With that, I began to hunt this buck every single day since the day after Christmas, Missing only two days. Of course on both of those days the buck made a daytime appearance.
Everything finally came together though this afternoon. I got into my stand at 1400 hrs. and at 1620 hrs., I saw the buck 60 yards away, working its way up the ridge towards my stand. This animal would take 2 or 3 steps, pause and move again at roughly the same cautious pace. This continued for a few minutes as the buck made its way through a small patch of mountain laurel. Stopping at 20 yards broadside I had no shot. The deer stood there for approximately 20 seconds or so until it turned and walked to 12 yards from the base of my tree, where it stopped with its kill zone bracketed between two beech trees. I then drew back and shot. The arrow hit perfectly,but was not a complete pass through. At the shot the buck bolted falling three times as it ran off. At 60 yards from my stand, I saw the deer finally fall and come to rest at the base of a big red oak. As I gutted the deer, I was able to see that the broadhead had taken out the lungs perfectly. The blood trail, which I didn't have to follow was unreal. To call it heavy is an understatement. Not a complete pass through, but incredible blood trail and damage.
I shot the deer with my 68 lb. Strother Black Death SR 71. Arrows are CX 250 Maxima Hunters tipped with 100 grain rage hypodermics. 378 grains total weight. Scott Silverhorn release. Dressed weight was approximately 160 lbs.

Trail camera pictures:

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