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Thanks for the replies! By unpleasant I mean it has a sharp recoil. Probably due to the stock design and light weight but I don't mind shooting my 3" mags or my 7 mm mag but this .270 (which shouldn't be that bad) is really not fun to shoot, like yanking nose hairs.

Another question I have is: do I have to keep the same profile barrel? I like the stock but if I have to keep the short sporter barrel, maybe I'll just sell it and build a custom rifle. Though I may be looking for wife #3 if I do that, jk, my wife is incredibly tolerant of my whims and general nonsense.

If I were to go custom, what would you build (based on me already owning a .25 and 7mm)? Wildcats allowed. I was thinking of having a .300 wsm built, light weight with a brake. Thanks again.

I'l try to post a pic of the gun so you can have a better idea of the profile.
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