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Originally Posted by Father Forkhorn View Post
I think you have it, but let me see if can add something for a better description. The bench is actually an old lane cut for running quarry equipment along the bluff of a big river. If you think of a trench cut into a hillside, then you have it. It's like walking down a trench about the width of a two lane highway, but one that has big boulders and is now brush choked.

It's actually a perpendicular cliff on the high side, so deer have to use the bench to travel. On the low side, the trench leaves a little cliff face about 20' high, but you can walk along its top and see down into trench.

Your advice is making sense. I should be on that 20' cliff face if possible.

I was hoping to make a diagram but it failed.
Sounds like that "bench " is a man made path that has grown up and now acts as a funnel to allow deer to go from bed to feed. Yup I would use that as a stand and not still hunt. If the run is well defined it should be a slam dunk. A funnel is either man made or something in nature that changes the path for animals. Sounds like you are on to something. That being said I would use the wind to my advantage and the time of day to determine where to sit. Late in the day the lower end should see animals funneling down to the fields or feed spots. Reverse in morning as they head to the bedding areas. The runs if well defined show lots of activity and should be a great place for an ambush. Good luck.
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