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Originally Posted by Ridge Runner View Post
I don't know some may call it a rant, here goes

I post some about killing deer at long range, its legal, I enjoy it, I do have a pretty good grasp on what I'm doing, took me over 20 years to become comfortable doing it, spent a lot of money, and countless hours preparing, learning, getting efficient at it.
for years I sat on the same rock and killed way more deer at 2 to 80 yards than most folks can comprehend. Why do folks scorn it?
why am I an unethical slob because I know exactly where my bullet will hit 8 football fields away if the conditions are to my liking?
I once started a thread about a kill beyond 1K, I was constantly explaining over and over why I took the shot what I went through as far as variables to make sure I was right, yet still 23 pages of its not ethical, too many variables. I had the thread deleted because those who know the least about what I do think they know the most.
so why is LR hunting not ethical?
If I can get a legitimate reason I will respond, but the typical reasons which most talk about I will not address such as
you don't know the wind (yes I do I measure it)
you don't know the wind over there (yes I do I measure it here and compare it to there)
the deer don't know your there (if they knew you were there at 50 yards would you get a shot?)
so have at it
Ridge, why would care what ANYONE thought, especially anyone on the internet??????
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