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Originally Posted by salukipv1 View Post
Any non magnum lovers out there?

Curious what your Antelope-Deer-Elk setups consist of?

Kind of thinking what can't you do with a .243win and .270win?

When do I need say a .300 win mag/wsm over a .270 for elk?

Also thinking a 6.5lbs 270 sounds more fun than a .300wsm 6.5-7.5lbs rifle.
I've never found a need for magnums. I've used the .270, 30-06, and .308 to take deer, moose and elk at ranges up to 300 yards. I preferred the .270 by a small amount. If I were to go up in caliber it would be to something like a .338-06 or a 35 whelen, possibly a 350 rem mag.
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