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Well, you guys can talk all you want. But when I hunt, I go out naked and I kill my prey using only my bare hands and my teeth.

Of course I don't really do that, but it would be a real challenge. Right?

I've always hunted with a 50 caliber muzzleloader or a .30-30, so a thousand yard shot would be waaay out of the question. But if a guy has the equipment and the skills to do that, hey, go for it. Sounds like fun once you've mastered the skills.

Hunting presents lots of different kinds of challenges and different ways to have fun. My wife is very small, so she uses a 30 pound pull, youth bow. This means we have to get within 10-12 yards. We still hunt, so this involves crawling along on hands and knees, and sometimes on our bellies, for maybe an hour or two, to get a shot. At a thousand yards or better, the challenge is making the shot. You can't really miss at 10-12 yards, so the challenge is getting close enough to make the shot without spooking your target. Loads of fun. We hunt the same way with the muzzleloader. We don't have to get as close, but we have to get to a spot where she can shoot from the prone position, because the rifle is too heavy for her to use without support.(I carry it until we get to where we might have a shot.)

I sounds to me like RR has his technique down solid. So I'm giving him a thumbs-up.
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