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Super - I am obsessed with having sharper than razor edges on all my cutting devices too. I just ordered a pair of diamond stones. 300 and 600 grit. And I do have a leather strop that I use for my knives. I'm pretty good at saharpening using only my hands once the blade has a properly honed angle with my Lansky. All they normally need is just a little touch up with my Shrade diamond steel.
I once watched my guide trying to dress out a mulie buck with a dull knife I shot a few years ago. I handed him my Buck folding hunter and when he opened it he said "Wow, this is serious sharp!" It made short work of finishing the job. When we got back to camp I touched up my blade on my diamond steel and sharpened his knife for him. When I gave it back he was amazed how easily it shaved the hair off his arm.
But this little jig is perfect for getting a sharp edge on your broadheads. I was having a heck of a time with those Killzone blades. My tungsten "V" notch broadhead sharpener wouldn't even touch them. But a couple mins on a side with this tool and they were very sharp. Nice thing is you can set the angle perfectly by how much you leave stick out. And you can really bear down in the blade as you push it across the stone while still maintaining that angle.
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