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Awesome Ryan!

Well boys, my bad luck streak with big bucks hit me again this year all ready. Wednesday morning I had a shooter approach my stand from my right. I put my pin behind his shoulder as he was directly broadside, and released. He jumped about 5 yards to my left and stood there so I knocked another arrow and put a 2nd one in him. He ran north in the hedgrow my stand is in, crossed railroad tracks, crossed the corner of a bean field, hit a hedgerow and ran west toward the highway. I waited a 1/2 hr before getting down to trail him. I lost the blood trail 50 yards from the road. I searched for 6 hours with no sign of him. There is a standing corn field across the road to the south so he may have gotten in it but I walked rows without a sign of fresh tracks. Crazy! There is a guy who posted a a big buck to a local bragging board the same day and there are rumors floating around that he found it next to the road. I really hope that isn't true but if it is, that really sucks.
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