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I see you had a lot of time to think about this while you're off your feet. Us old goats know most of this but this is something every newbie should read and heed. Especially the paragraph about draw weight. I see so many young tough guys grunting shooting 70# plus draw weights just because its the macho thing to do.
Having been young once I used to shoot an 80# draw. I did it with relative ease too. But after shooting a sizable deer one year with it and having the arrow pass through the deer and then completely through a 1 1/2 oak sapling I realized that it was way more than necessary. Today I shoot right around 63# comfortably but would not hesitate to drop down even more if I had to. With today's technology bows are much faster and you can easily get by with 50 - 55# draw weight for deer provided you use the correct broadhead.
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