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Originally Posted by Fieldmouse View Post
I've burned my arm yesterday by doing nothing more than to reach between the toolbox and the bed of the truck to start the nut that holds the toolbox to the bed. Its the size of a half dollar and blistering more today.

Yes it's fricking hot!
It was 98 degrees today Hot hot hot.
This might sound crazy, dip the burn in salt water.
I was burned real bad in 1996, a 5 gallon gascan ( Full of Gas ) blew up in my face.
I received 2nd, and 3rd degree burns over 20% of my body.
My face, and both arms up to my sholders.
The nurses said to fill the tub with warm water, and put a cup of salt in it.
I thought it would hurt, but it felt so good.
The salt water made the pain go away while I was in the salt water.

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