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Originally Posted by WVCritter View Post
Here's a pic of my garden back near the middle of April after I plowed and furrowed it with my Gravely walk behind tractor. I have it all planted now and will post another pic tomorrow.
I love your Gravely! In the mid 90's an old friend in our congregation asked me to help get his old Gravely going, so i did. He showed me all the attachments for it, it was an amazing, well built, versatile, piece of equipment. Anyway the next day he insisted i keep it, i declined as he still might use it. Again when he was dying of cancer he told our minister and I, that he wants me to have his Gravely so i graciously accepted, with his wife's blessing. After he passed his step son was getting a few choice things, so i went to get the Gravely with the minister, his step son told us to get lost. He had a junkyard come in and scrap it with most everything else, what a waste.
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