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I will have to get some photos posted, just finished a hunt with 2 young men from Iowa. One of them killed a nice Tom on Thurs. and another Friday morning. His partner had a couple close calls but couldnt get the birds into the open for a shot.
Until this morning! We had a big Tom on one farm cruise past us at 70y and avoid our dekes. We switched properties, spotted birds about 600y out.
The 3 of us were able to slip in on the birds to about 80y, they were henned up tight, we didnt even try to call. The hunter belly crawled to a fenceline and lay waiting,..after several tense moments with a hen about 10' away,..the Toms made their way towards him and hit his shooting lane. He fired killing one, stood up and killed the other! It was so awesome to watch it all unfold!
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