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Technically, a regional forum would likely be the most appropriate forum to find a hunting buddy for your specific area. Most people list the state they're looking to hunt in or even a section of that state so they can find somebody in their specific area. You might live near a state border and want to hunt in the next state over so it's useful to put such information in your inquiry.

Find a hunting buddy is a tricky thing as most hunters are leery of somebody they just met on the internet and tend to only want to hunt with people who hunt similarly, i.e. from a treestand, ground blind, spot and stalk, in brush, prairie, more open area, more closed area, etc. People tend to have preferences about hunting buddies using drugs, alcohol, etc. And last but not least, hunters generally want to hunt with somebody they feel comfortable around. somebody with similar viewpoints or a gentlemen's (or ladies) agreement not to discuss politics, religion or other hot topics.

Most hunters won't hunt with somebody who "chats" while they're hunting but they often talk after the hunt, etc. If somebody discussing their family makes you feel uncomfortable, then you would have to agree not to discuss such topics or look for somebody with a similar sexual preference as you're doing.

I suspect (although don't know) that most hunters are probably not gay or at least not sharing that information with other hunters. The subject doesn't really come up in the majority of forums on HuntingNet. In the political forum, gay subjects come up but it seems like a minority of members are pro-gay and it would be hard to state that they were actually gay as opposed to just supporting gay positions, rights, etc. Probably less than 5% of HNI members post in the Political forum so that sample size wouldn't be representative anyway.

I don't know if they're are hunting websites that cater to gay hunters or not although they would obviously be more successful. In addition to your post, you might add that another member can contact you via PM (Private Message) on HNI in case those member(s) don't choose to share such personal information on the website forums.
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