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Originally Posted by Charlieblacklab View Post
I am a gay hunter and trying to find other gay hunters to go hunting with. Not sure if this is right area to ask this and aware that some people may not like this. If any other gay guys out there into hunting and outdoor fun let me know. If anyone can give me info on places I can find other guys into hunting that are nice let me know. Thank you!


What do you have against hunting with heterosexual hunters???

It seems to me you are very biased. Why do you think "that some people may not like this"? Why do you ask for places you "can find other guys into hunting that are nice"? What is wrong with this place right here? We're nice people. You asking for places other than here implies to me that you don't think that we are nice.

What gives you the right to assume such things? Especially as you are a new poster? That's not right. That's not fair to just judge us like that. You seem like you are really full of disdain, even hate! There is no place for that here. We try to be nice, warm people - that's why this place was created.

I am offended.
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