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Originally Posted by WV Hunter View Post
Nice job SL. That is one wicked looking bullet for sure!

The design is definitely interesting, and I am also curious to see how they perform in the real world. But I also wonder, which design will prove to be more effective on a marginal shot.... bloodline or xp? I guess time and field reports will tell.
OK once again I am old... I know the how the CF bullet works and I have seen the results of that bullet. I personally find it hard to believe and bullet can beat them. But I also remember saying that the Lehigh could not be as good as a Nosler Partition... but I was wrong there. So at this point ya - I am going to try one on a deer this year - I just need to check. That is IF the medium test works well enough.

What kind of medium you gonna try and use Mike?
I do not have access to true ballistic jell. In the past I have used water saturated Palouse clay in a card board box just to see the dynamic effect. I never really felt shooting through a water jug was really like shooting through hide-bone & organs - although it is impressive.

I think I am going to make a concouktion (sp) (trying to simulate the density of blood and organs) in the garage and contain it in a plastic gallon milk jug to simulate an organ membrane (a really tough one). I am thinking I will shoot the bullet through two 2x6" planks then a space into the jug lengthwise and out through two more 2x6's.

I would like to see this very effect... look at these tubes of coagulated blood that came from a recent deer harvest.

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