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Originally Posted by cayugad View Post
Are you sighted in for that 150+/- or do you use a BDC or hold over method. I would think being able to hit a orange trap bird at that distance, and animal would never stand a chance.
Dave, I use the PBR system sighting in. Most often for the rifles and bullets that I shoot that means @ 100 yards the will be approximately 3" high. I most often run a ballistic sheet after I have collected the velocity of for that bullet and that powder load.

This is an example of the ballistic sheets that I run...

You can see with this load and this bullet it should hit at 2.9" high at a 100 yards. I sight it in that way then check the sheet by shooting the 154 yard target to verify '0' range. If the bullet is near zero at the range then the sheet is very close. Also most of my scopes have a ballistic reticule in them so at 200 yards I shoot using the reticule to verify impact at 200 yards. 200+ is my self imposed max range that I will attempt a harvest shot.

Also on the chart there are other marker ranges you can shoot to verify. The other day shooting the clay birds at 150 - I held the Xhairs on the bottom of the bird - knowing the rifle was sighted in with 120 grains of T7 with a 300 grain Bloodline. It was a educated guess on where to hold... It worked out very well for me. Even though the rifle was sighted in for a different bullet and sabot.

Looking at that bullet I wish someone would do ballistic gel out of a muzzleloader at say 100 yards and see what it does. I just have a feeling that that twisting Phillips head design is going to do a lot of damage.
Carlos has shot gel but I do not know at what range... I do not have access to the jell but I am going to build a medium contained in a plastic jug - the jug serving as a organ wall and pop it with one of the bullets just to see what it does do as it passes through.

And from what I have read you are correct the 'X' nose does make a twisting cut through the medium one of the people that shot jell said he could feel the cut on the inside of the jell.

Hopefully by next week I will have some pictures to share.
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