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Originally Posted by bronko22000 View Post
Sabot by the way those cut outs look on the bullet they may not expand very much if at all but the design should cause havoc by a hydraulic push of the body fluids. Probably much like the way a hollow point does after expansion of the petals. So with adequate velocity you would get deep penetration and a good wound channel. Seems to be a good elk, bear bullet but IMO a bit too much for deer except at longer ranges.
You are totally correct the bullet does not expand. Their is a chance it might deform a little bit, but that would be it.

The bullet is designed to do as you suggest + have great penetration.

The effective range is totally dependent on velocity. To get the true hydraulic action the bullet need to be traveling at least 600 fps but even then if it were traveling slower you still will get very deep penetration.

I would not hesitate using it on deer. I am old the last thing I want is the animal to travel after being shot.
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