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Originally Posted by bronko22000 View Post
Thanks NoMercy. I guess the average person wouldn't know this. And the dimensional difference if likely small enough that it wouldn't be noticed without using mics or calipers.
You're right, it's pretty hard to tell, and frankly, it isn't readily apparent by model or marketing that the Flattops are smaller (although a lot of folks were REALLY excited when it was announced and spread it far and wide online).

Unless you have the Flattop sitting beside a standard Blackhawk or Super Blackhawk, or are REALLY familiar with the Ruger single actions, it's really hard to tell the difference visually. It gives itself away immediately when you pick it up though, as it's about 10% lighter with a VERY different balance. Again, only really helps if you have them side by side, or are rather familiar with the standard blackhawk.

The 44spcl Flattop shares the same cylinder dimensions as the New Vaquero, which is almost identical to the old model 357 Blackhawk cylinder dimensions. The 44spcl Flattop cylinder is 1/10" shorter length and 6/100" smaller diameter than the 44mag Super Blackhawk or 44mag original Vaquero cylinder. Six hundredths doesn't sound like much, but it means pretty significant thinning between the chambers and over the cylinder stop notches.

Here's a picture showing the difference in cylinder diameters. Pretty hard to tell that the outside diameter is smaller, but you noticed immediately how much thinner the walls between the chambers are for the mid-size frame cylinder.

44mag would physically fit in the cylinder, so it COULD BE REAMED, but I wouldn't be confident that it could be done safely.
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