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Originally Posted by bronko22000 View Post
I had a New Model Ruger Blackhawk in 44 mag with a fluted cylinder (not a Super Blackhawk) but sold it.
I have a chance to buy the same model in 44 spl and I was curious that if I so desired could I get the cylinder's bores milled out the additional .125" to accept the mags case?
No. The 44 Special Blackhawks - a limited run - cannot safely be reamed out to 44mag.

The Lipsey's Special Edition Flat-Top 44spcl New Model Blackhawks are made on a smaller cylinder frame (and cylinder) than the current standard Blackhawks and super blackhawks, similar in size to the old model 357mag Blackhawks. As such, they have a smaller cylinder, meaning thinner side walls that cannot take the extreme pressure of the 44mag cartridge. That's the very reason that they were produced in 44spcl rather than 44mag in the first place. The 50th anniversary blackhawks and these lipsey's special 44spcl's are "mid-frame" blackhawk models that can't swallow the 44mags.

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