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Originally Posted by NYlongbeards View Post
Thanks guys, I figured it would be ok,
Topgun 3006,
You know I am taking about a 20 ga not 12ga? 575" constriction choke would be equal or even looser than a 12 ga 660" constriction choke, and I don't mean equal in size cause the 12ga is lot bigger, but with the 20 ga shell being smaller and less shot would compare to a 12 ga shell and 660" choke, also I've heard a lot good things from the jellyhead for 12 gauge with standard #5 lead turkey loads. I'm going to go with the Remington nitro lead shot with the 20 ga, its lot less denser than other loads, and shouldn't deform its shape too much.
Sorry, as I did completely miss that you were talking a 20 ga! Sounds good and I hope you get a good pattern with them!
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