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Default Need advice....Colorado Unit 54 and 55

We have a group of guys (7 total) that will be going out to Colorado for 2015 second season rifle. We're planning on Unit 54, but we're considering Unit 55 as a backup plan. (We're staying in Almont, so it just depends on which side of the road we go.) Three of us were out in 2009, the other four have never been out.

Most of us, particularly the new guys, only have 1-2 points built-up for elk and muley.

Our draw options for Unit 54 is mule buck and cow elk. Everybody is wanting a chance at a bull elk (obviously), but we weren't aware that the OTC either-sex elk tags, that go on sale in July, now have a cap on them in Unit 54. CPW said that this cap is 500 and last year they sold out in 2 hours.

So.....we're trying to decide what our best options are.

I know some guys (maybe all) won't be happy with a cow tag. To spend that kind of money and drive that far (PA), we want to have a chance at a bull.

If we don't apply for the cow tags, that means we're relying on getting one of those OTC either-sex tags in July. I'd say our chances are pretty good, but even if one guys fails to get it, we're out of luck, and our backup plan is to head over to Unit 55 and grab the unlimited OTC bull tags.

Perhaps maybe we all try for the cow tag in the draw and also try for the OTC either-sex tag in July. Hopefully everybody would have some type of elk tag, although it's not ideal for those who don't get the either-sex tag.

We're not familiar with Unit 55 at all, and I've heard that it can get a bit crowded. Plus, we already somewhat know the layout of Unit 54 from our previous trip, so we'd like to stay there.

Looking for some help.....

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