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Originally Posted by cvilorio View Post
That is correct the ones I tested on jell, and the ones I shot the deers with were the copper ones, but the only thing different is that the one you are talking about is made out of brass. Still the same design and everything. All I can say at this point now is good luck with your testing, and hope everything works out fine for you guys and Lehigh, and you can sell the heck out of them. As far as we are concern here we are done with Lehigh, and we wish them the best of luck, and no hard feelings. Business is Business.
I have no interest in shooting pistol bullets out of a muzzleloader anymore. But that's an option for anyone who chooses to do so. Yes, there are differences but it doesn't sound like you would really want to know anyway.

Anytime you test new bullets in muzzleloaders there's a lot of things to factor. But thanks for the encouragement.

As far as selling??? I have no bullets to sell. It was you posting information for people to purchase bullets from your gun shop not me.

As far as Lehigh defense, well that's your loss if you choose not to do business with them.

On another note, tell your buddy MD, FG or whatever name he goes by these days I said hello.
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