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Originally Posted by oldsmellhound View Post
Very interesting. My only question/concern is how they actually perform on game- it is one thing to shoot a gelatin block and make assumptions on how it will actually perform, it is another thing to actually shoot some game and see if it pans out in real life. I guess I'm a little skeptical of the non-expanding design, at least in .40 cal. I have always been impressed by the Lehigh controlled fracturing bullets - I've taken a couple deer with them and they perform very well.

I'm not completely doubting this bullet, I would just want to see some more reports on actual game before I run out and buy it. I can definitely see using the .452 version on large/dangerous game for the extra penetration (elk/moose/bear), but I guess I'm not seeing the advantage of using XP for deer sized game over the controlled fracturing version, or even a standard hollowpoint/ballistic tip. Seems like all that penetration is not necessary for a 150 pound deer....
Gell testing is a good start, but in the field results is the best. I can tell you it wont be better on game then the controlled fracturing. But its another option for those who do not like the idea of controlled fracturing. The XP should be better then current mushrooming bullets on the market today. I cant wait to shoot some game with them to see how they do.
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