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Very interesting. My only question/concern is how they actually perform on game- it is one thing to shoot a gelatin block and make assumptions on how it will actually perform, it is another thing to actually shoot some game and see if it pans out in real life. I guess I'm a little skeptical of the non-expanding design, at least in .40 cal. I have always been impressed by the Lehigh controlled fracturing bullets - I've taken a couple deer with them and they perform very well.

I'm not completely doubting this bullet, I would just want to see some more reports on actual game before I run out and buy it. I can definitely see using the .452 version on large/dangerous game for the extra penetration (elk/moose/bear), but I guess I'm not seeing the advantage of using XP for deer sized game over the controlled fracturing version, or even a standard hollowpoint/ballistic tip. Seems like all that penetration is not necessary for a 150 pound deer....
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