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Originally Posted by cvilorio View Post
The Lehigh Bullets mention in this article, the XP's 250 gr. and the CF's 300 gr. subsonic four petal and the 305 subsonic three petal, have already been tested this past summer by me and few others. I got together with Mike Cyrus and did some jell test on them which has been posted on TWANG and BANG web site. Both bullets have preform great and deer have been taken with the XP's and the CF's. I personally took the first ever deer taken with the XP's, and actually took 3 more, and Dave Letchoe a good friend of mine took one withe the CF's 300 gr.. So there is really no mystery to these bullets, and yes they do preformed great. We have been selling this bullets at ED's Gun Shop since the begin of the this year and we have them in stock right now. We are also selling sample packs so if any one wanted to try them out they could with out having to buy a whole bunch of different ones. If you so desire to try some, go to the Frontier Muzzle Loader forum, and we have everything listed there with prices.
Yes Carlos I saw your video. But you were using pistol bullets in your muzzleloader. What you have not tested is the muzzleloader bullets to my knowledge.
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