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Originally Posted by Omega45 View Post
Ed's Gun Shop in Vass NC has been selling the 250's for a couple months already. Carlos already harvested a doe with one also.

Here's the 300gr he tested also.
Yes, those are copper pistol bullets. The Muzzleloader bullets are brass and even better. Didn't get all the details yet but I will on the difference between the pistol bullets and the muzzleloader besides copper and brass.

The 300grn brass bullet on the second link is a CF bullet controlled fracturing. That bullet is very similar to a bloodline bullet. The CF bullet has 4 petals the bloodline same weight bullet has 6 petals. I'm pretty sure the new Muzzleloader bullet will have 3 longer heavier pellets. I believe Lehigh believes the new ML bullet will out perform the current bloodline bullets. To me it's pretty obvious in the gel testing, the controlled fracturing bullets are by far the best muzzleloader bullet you can buy. I've known this for years now, it just takes others a little longer to learn
Great job on both videos for sure.

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